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We know it all too well. A company with fifty employees needs fifty computers connected to a network, one or two servers and a firewall.
It also needs custom software to deal with customers and HR. We wouldn’t go on a limb to assume that 2 or 3 employees will form a mini IT department dealing with the day-to-day maintenance of the network. What about your website? Are you willing to contract out to a different company? Your applications… that’s another one.
All and all you will spend approximately $200,000 dollars a year on personnel that is only trained in one area. Why can’t you use your network guy to build you a website? How about your server administrator? Can he fix a bug on your desktop application, the one you invested $100,000 on? Hiring expensive professionals will only guarantee results in their area of expertise. If that is your problem, we have the solution for you. We call it Dynamic Support. Instead of putting IT people on your employee roster, use an Inverted Software on or off-site consultant. We will configure your network, build your website and desktop application, secure your environment, and offer 24/7 assistance at only a fraction of the cost. How do we do it? Since we have professionals in almost every IT area, we can utilize all of them to work for you. Instead of three full-time employees at $200,000 per year, you will get 30 for $100,000 per year, enormous savings on your budget while moving your enterprise environment forward.

How does Dynamic Support work and how can it save me up to 70% off my Information technology budget?
Our unique solution is very simple. We use our existing pool of professionals to provide you with full time in house support. Since our pool is available to you, you can choose to utilize professionals in different areas according to your needs. For example: if you choose to use three full time professional network experts twice a week, three web experts twice a week and three desktop experts once a week you can cover all of your needs using only three full time inverted software Dynamic Support employees.

Your savings are:

Three full time network administrators at a cost of: 3*$85,000=$255,000
Website and training at a cost of: $45,000
Desktop software to manage sales and customer service at a cost of: $250,000
Total: $550,000
Three full time Inverted Software Dynamic Support professionals at a cost of: 3*$85,000=$255,000

You saved 46%

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